Blue Sherlock was born in a piece of trash Toyota Camry on a roadtrip to the middle of nowhere. A banger was blaring on the radio, Jeremy's hands were going a million miles an hour on the dash while Willem yelled a bit and played air guitar. “Hey man, we should jam sometime.”

Since then, Willem and Jeremy have been concocting a totally unique collision of musical influences, live looping and indie blues that is Blue Sherlock.

Who the hell are we?

Willem Sherlock Roorda

The mouth

Willem has been gigging professionally for the past 7 years. Having carved out a solo career as a guitarist, singer and songwriter with a passion for blues, he has quickly become one of the hardest working musicians on the scene. He's got a quick wit and an insatiable appetite for performance.  Also gives great hugs. 


The box

With an innate sense of rhythm Jeremy brings the grit and a unique edge to Blue Sherlock's sound. A demon on both kit and cajon he enjoys a good bang anywhere, anytime, any old way he can get it. 

Bass Daddy

the phat bottom end

Not much is known about this veteran of the bass boogaloo. He has great hair, has been playing for over 40 years and slaps that 5 string like a goon sack on crack.