Blue Sherlock was born in a piece of trash Toyota Camry on a roadtrip to the middle of nowhere. A banger was blaring on the radio, Jeremy turned the dash into a drum kit and Willem pulled out his finest air guitar.

“Wanna jam?”

Since then, Willem and Jeremy have been concocting a totally unique collision of musical influences to create luscious vibes and moody textures through live looping.

Keep scrolling to meet the band.

Who the heck are we?


The mouth/guitar

Willem has been gigging professionally for the past 7 years. Having carved out a solo career as a live looping guitarist, singer and songwriter, he has quickly become one of the hardest working musicians on the scene. He's got a quick wit and an insatiable appetite for performance. Also gives great hugs.


The box/the bass

With an innate sense of rhythm, Jeremy brings the bottom end and a unique edge to Blue Sherlock's sound. You'll find him tapping on his cajon or bopping behind a bass. Is also a big (small) teddy bear.