About Blue Sherlock

Who are we?

Blue Sherlock are Willem and Jeremy. Both Blue Mountains locals and professional musicians, they are currently releasing their second original album. Drawing inspiration from a collision of musical influences from Tash Sultana to Hozier, they draw no genre boundaries and use live looping to create luscious vibes and moody textures.

We play all kinds of groovy venues and festivals from The Blue Mountains to Sydney, even out West! Highlights include: The Waterhole in Amsterdam, Kiama Jazz & Blues festival, Under Western Skies Festival, support for Steve Balbi, LithGlow, SOMAD, and many more. Check out our gig guide to find a show near you.

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The guitar/the mouth

Willem has been gigging professionally for the past 7 years. Having carved out a solo career as a live looping guitarist, singer and songwriter, he has quickly become one of the hardest working musicians on the scene. He's got a quick wit and an insatiable appetite for performance. Also gives great hugs.


The bass/percussion

With an innate sense of rhythm, Jeremy brings the bottom end and a unique edge to Blue Sherlock's sound. You'll find him creating intricate percussion loops and holding the bass groove at the same time. Is learning to like hugs.

"Trying to pin down this act to one genre is a little difficult as both Willem and Jeremy continue to develop as professional musicians and explore their varied musical tastes. Blurring the lines between alternative, indie, blues and sometimes even pop, this duo is better described as producing “luscious vibes and moody textures”, but knowing these guys, by the time you read this review, they might be pushing a different boundary. With looping underpinning both Willem and Jeremy’s performance, their music is all about complex layers, never ending in a crescendo or fading into silence – it’s not about the beginning or the end, it’s more about the journey." -Music In The Mountains